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Vol 26, No 2 December 2014


Decent Expectations? The Use and Interpretation of Housing Standards in Tenancy Tribunals in New Zealand
Sarah Bierre, Mark Bennett, Philippa Howden-Chapman

Access to Justice vs Access to Justice for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: The Case for a Bilateral Arbitration Treaty
Petra Butler, Campbell Herbert

Units, Exclusion, and Governance: Bright Lines and Body Corporates in New Zealand
Thomas Gibbons

Assessing Offence Seriousness at Sentencing: New Zealand’s Guideline Judgment for Sexual Violation
Danica McGovern

The Distinction between Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion
James Mullineux

Balancing Rights and Interests: The Power to Compulsorily Acquire DNA from Suspects in New Zealand
Nessa Lynch

Do CCA Adjudicators Have the Jurisdiction to Make ss 19–24 Determinations?
John Ren

Planet Kids: The Resurrection of the Failure of Consideration Approach to Frustration?
Marcus Roberts

Bearing the Weight of the World: Precaution and the Burden of Proof under the Resource Management Act
Greg Severinsen

Accident Compensation and Degenerative Conditions: Are We Close to Clarifying the Confusion and Achieving Justice?
Doug Tennent

The Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill: Homeopathy, the Truth and the Placebo Effect
Kate Tokeley

Uncertainty and Potential Overreach in the New Zealand Common Purpose Doctrine
Julia Tolmie

Goods and Services Tax on Privately-Imported Goods
Shiv Narayan


Account of Profits

International Sales Law: A Global Challenge

The Life of Thomas E Scrutton

Proportionality and the Rule of Law: Rights, Justification, Reasoning

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